Live and Learn

If you haven’t noticed I have been a bit MIA with my blog lately. So much has changed in my life recently, but for the better. I went through a crazy, hard break up, started living on my own in Los Angeles and went to Europe! All within the last two months. It’s been a whirlwind of experiences these past few weeks and now that my life is slowly calming down I have made a few realizations about everything that has happened. Scroll through to read my few bits of advice and to see my favorite look I wore in Europe!3G9C73171.Don’t feel bad about taking some time for yourself.

While it’s good to care about others, you also need to make sure you are caring about yourself.When I broke up with my boyfriend, I realized I had been focusing on him and what makes him happy and ignoring what I wanted. Learn from me and be selfish every once in a while.3G9C72943G9C73082. Embrace life’s unpredictability.

I have noticed not only within myself but others close to me, that we can often let the unknowns of the future prevent us from enjoying the present. In Europe I traveled every way possible, the metro being the most unfamiliar to me. At first I was scared to use it, thinking I would get off on the wrong exit and get lost in Paris. Quickly I realized the thrill in being lost and exploring a new place. These little accomplishments make us grow and learn as people.3G9C73353G9C73373. Meet new people and make new friends!

This one really has been one of the most important lessons I have learned, seriously! The friends I made in Los Angeles helped me through my break up and I have no idea what I would’ve done without them. In Europe, I meet so many amazing people who really made the whole trip so much more memorable and fun!3G9C73583G9C7342And last but not least…

4. Be a “Power Dresser”

A break up, trying to find a place to live, going to school, working… All of this was so overwhelming for me and I’m sure many of you have been through similar situations. Some days were rough and I literally wanted to just live in my sweatpants. I didn’t let myself though! Every day I dressed up and put effort into my look. This helped me change my mindset, be positive with my situation and project strength in everything I did that day. Power Dressing. It’s a real thing!!3G9C7283

I bought this dress specifically for Europe and wore it in Paris for the Moulin Rouge.I definitely consider this my power dress!

Dress: Nasty Gal

Heels: Public Desire

Sunglasses: Dior





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