Sporty Chic

The other day someone asked me how I would describe my style? Oddly enough this is a super tough question for me to answer. I love trying out new trends, but my I definitely put a personal spin on everything I wear. I told this lovely stranger that my style was super edgy, sporty and yet often feminine. This look totally encompasses every aspect of my style. Get the look below!

Bomber : BooHoo

Shoes: Puma




Rita Ora X Adidas

So just recently one of my favorite, classic brands ADIDAS (everyone’s fave <3) partnered up with one of my all time fashion idols, Rite Ora. The collab between Adidas and Rita Ora has only gotten better with each different collection they put out. This look is from the most current collab between Rita and Adidas and have to say I am obsessed! The tie between the classic, sporty looks you would expect of Adidas and strong  Japanese influences make for such a unique look. Get all the deets below.



Kimono Dress: Adidas

Heels: Jeffrey Campbell’s

Spring is in the Air

It is now spring in Los Angeles and besides the pink flowers blooming on the trees, basically nothing has changed. The weather is still perfect and I’m definitely not complaining. Springtime isn’t all about the weather though. When it comes to fashion, the flowers that bloom and the soft air seems to inspire everyone with what they wear. This look emulates the feeling of spring by wearing pretty, pink pastels and long, billowy trousers. Get the look below!




Shirt: Adidas

Trousers: MissGuided