hOSS4a7k59qbqgATw6Poc7BdBP9VXg0DbWRVkQXKFFs,lc-Ut4t547vBEfeLyqJJ0q4UcSIKMkkIrZ9aoNY_ivY,LB-3BkDo23Pk6q-JULTTEce2PkC_jsFzDMHkyLIm-jE,          After 14 days of being home and visiting friends, I am happy to be back at my not-so normal routine. Before the holidays I was counting down the days until I got to go back home and see all my friends and family. Once I had gotten there I had an epiphany. As much as I miss everyone I have left, I flourish in California. I can reach my full potential here and nothing holds me back. It is strange to me that I had to leave to really appreciate the overwhelming benefits California has to offer. With that being said, I encourage you to look at your current situation through a different perspective. You may just have a similar epiphany. NQf2VR8tGvcpBW-rytQP3TaqQ9M24NeGC25ZwbLAPJA,cTajnUbQkU8s2v7maNN7oGSI1yo_NNi_wDk_zO-7zSg,eCEWkRZ4YjJr1-w4phxo6oa6BDMX6KDcTg5bw1hwiyQ,dECguLRMTgzQ4Ip-VJ5lJNJVIbVeg5irOh14Cs4A8to,7GGYtYYlL8DVDaoz9H6GZM49jkbTzfyx5xpChzNd--w,2930HGcRvbX_H9JRVVrLVBLpY8g5jsMoUpODY3hHN1o,CNsCbbrBg5Avo-uSiKnNPdLf-1bsVP-Wl48QuCl_86I,6dTK8sOuRED1KBHkvLDsvfGo2xaLLyqQ5GMovK59sMQ,q2SRG2NSU7dwpNbeAbRoS7qyRhNRJSP7MfSrVGMovdk,l4bFoZZah84WwLbe7fYxFbeBuysvJvAKvmI5UjAxtEs,9FCkA5Zwdtpyoe3c5At46mIM495GhK9wyjx_Sb-oKFM,nG8gs15J7SpGSoUlVEnKFoOjaoQoowSCAaqMz9ef0zo,t3bM-jzNF811FNuAMRzMg3D3DWZOxf6aitu1qS54Gnc,Wi-RwUbbG0J42KtcBXmNzRKkauCpx0j3ClLZvqZ-Ook,vF179yOg3uL4dboKks1qMs8NjQj0s-n5FBGzzl69WpE,T5qlZcswHK2gC66924hhl4JDpDV21pg-AH4JC6Z8qM8,kYIlt9HiepG9_rQD0DSH_RJL5ymO2nK8em8fX8IRkOk,3D_0dpAXNaAm22zUcd1J8yMqjfzNtDfcsErbA9gS-IE,fzpKfH9AsroPFBkm9UHNEn7PoM6m0Ezx8UBe8ESqAk8,I4R9GcfRwlEL0Qjk4gRjuR1iWxu_pGMEbBTtR2AKXLI,ateitLKLHsL5mhOhGNlZAEqLZb15jlRmYXWi3IqJ-nE,


Jacket: Sex & Ice Cream by Nicole Leth

Skirt: Missguided

Shoes: Calvin Klein


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