New Years Eve Look

      ox2NKfWQkLBE8od2bsW91lCQnP0kviWh7tWxE9qDW1Q,-yQTvKNPkL7mMG8v7QbYz5LWUDsTqwfCRt0yh5gtCcM,dCShgm3oYwWSsaXqneGTkOTQd4eg2grTmaY9kDlK0SU,   Christmas has come to an end. For some that means going back to their normal, everyday routine. For me, luckily, I still have a full week of break. In addition to this wonderful news I also get to celebrate NYE with my older brother and his wife! Where you may ask? Las Vegas of course! If you are like me, you probably aren’t getting invited to super fancy parties all year long. That’s why I love celebrating New Year’s Eve. I get to shamelessly wear the crazy, over-the-top outfits I crave to wear every day. Comment below what your awesome New Year’s Eve plans are and get the perfect look below!k9mTvfau2HDOdx933g0O0hiHgzVxelz1XMpHZRfvnuk,FHsknKDWJAuABHgGCYyU9_C5oO3X-RhrgUdQ2gtJ4jI,_Zd3jlSGY-hs6dAH_6AgEotpc-lbYBbyZwXkwG3sHTw,


Dress ASOS

Shoes ASOS



Home for the Holidays

The holidays! Just a few days away from the merriest day of the year. Christmas. Lights are strung on the neighbor’s tree, the smell of chimneys burning floats through the air and my family and friends are near. For me I love this time of year, at the parties,  guest drink endless eggnog, open presents and everyone seems to do it in style! Putting together my holiday outfits are always so much fun. Dressing up more than I normally would, I chose a silk gown in red of course! Making sure I stay warm and cozy I throw on a simple black bomber and finish the holiday look with some black and white Jeffrey Campbell’s. Get the look below!



Silk Gown Forever 21

Bomber Nordstrom

Heels Jeffrey Campbell


Suede & Fringe

      What is more freeing than knowing you have completed an entire semester? After months of hard work and late, sleep deprived nights of studying, finals week comes to an end and you are free once again! The feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders and knowing you have a month without the responsibility of school. Happiness and a care free attitude consumes you and what better way to compliment your new found groove than a suede, fringe jacket. With simplistic details and the freedom of the fringe swaying with every movement, it only makes sense for this jacket to accompany you on your winter break. Get the look below.


Fringe Jacket: Forever 21


PHOTOGRAPHER: Brandon Bowens

Adventures of a Fur Coat

It is no surprise that fur has become a big fashion trend during the winter season. From fur Keychains, to fur purses, the trend is everywhere. I must admit I am in love with it. I myself have one to many fur pom pom keychains and my fur monster keychain just arrived. Although, there has been one thing missing from my faux fur list of must haves. A fur coat! Fur coats are traditionally seen in classic neutral colors and timeless finishes. Lately, I have seen designers pushing the boundaries on what a fur coat should be. From unexpected colors to unusual textures, the choices are endless. I almost gave up on my search for a perfect faux fur coat. Either they would be all sold out or out of my price range… until I found this Story of Lola faux fur coat. It fits perfectly, the color and pattern are gorgeous and it was under $200. Winning! Get the look with direct links below.


Coat: ASOS

Shoes: ASOS

Dress: Forever 21

Photographer: Brandon Bowens