Sand and the Sun

Feeling your best often has to do with confidence. How happy you are with yourself and maybe the way you look can effect your confidence. I feel most confident when I am comfortable with myself and happy with the way I look. Being that I am a style blogger and love to wear clothing that can be very form fitting, I try my hardest to stay fit and healthy. Whether you are working out to look better or for general health, getting up before work to get a run in, or taking a boxing class after an evening class can be hard. Really hard. I find that if I put the same effort into the clothing I wear during a workout as I do for a photo shoot, it helps motivate me. This active wear combo is incredibly cute, and performs insanely well throughout a sweaty, high intensity workout. The jacket by Sweat Crew, pays attention to aesthetic detail with the mesh sleeves, while simultaneously being a breathable, sweat wicking jacket. These young & reckless leggings fit me so well, and the hot pink details help me feel that much more energized for a run. Get the look below and work your way to a more confident you! (Click links below for each product)





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