Transition to Fall

Fall weather. It is just around the corner and I am sure you are just as excited as I am about this. One of my favorite parts about this wonderful season is layering of course! Being able to piece together my favorite items and create really interesting yet, effortless looks is unbeatable. Finding fall clothing pieces that are super versatile when layered with other clothing but can also become statement pieces when worn alone is a must in my closet. This is why I love this tan duster jacket. It’s a neutral color and the details are simple and structured. When worn as a statement piece, all I need is a pair of heels and I feel like a million dollars walking down the street. Layering the duster jacket with other statement pieces, like a metallic shirt or pencil skirt, is my favorite way of wearing it. No matter how I choose to style the jacket, it works!


Duster Jacket TOPSHOP

Metallic Shirt TOPSHOP


Photographer: Randy Tran

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