Fancy This

Although everyone dreams of endless summers, including myself,  I am oddly looking forward to finally having a normal schedule. Living in Cali for close to a mere 4 weeks now, I feel a bit more in touch with reality. My fantasy vacay is over and the real hustle begins. Now that summer is coming to an end and my classes start back up this Monday, I felt a cool, casual and oh so comfy outfit was necessary.


Crop Top Forever 21

Backpack Forever 21

Joggers Urban Outfitters

Heels ALDO Shoes

Photographer: Neal Troester

California Vibes

Officially settled into my new home in Cali! It’s a crazy transition from living in the Midwest. For one, everyone here is so chill and laidback. No one seems to worry or care to much and not to mention everyone here knows how to dress. It’s like I am in a dream. Wherever I go, for the most part, people are really fucking trendy! It’s awesome and I am in love. I dig this outfit because it gives off similar vibes to what I have seen. Badass, but still chill and has a “free” feeling to it. THE LOOK

Romper Forever 21

Hat Nordstrom

Boots Nordstrom

Photographer: Neal Troester